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Staff Shoutout

Being part of a MAT gives us access to the expertise and support of staff members across our family of schools.  This helps us to grow and support one another in our day-to-day roles and gives the opportunity to learn and seek guidance and, if relevant, training from members of staff across the Trust.

We want to be able to celebrate your achievements and give you the opportunity to acknowledge and thank one another, and not just those in your immediate teams.

Make use of our Staff Shoutout form below to provide a message of ‘thanks’ to your colleague(s), which can be reviewed by the team and celebrated across our schools.  After all, it is nice to feel appreciated and have the opportunity to acknowledge our colleagues, no matter who they are, across the Trust.

We look forward to seeing your messages of thanks and sharing these with our staff.

A teacher is sat with a pupil helping them to read.

Staff Shoutout

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